Tulane - Neuroscience PhD Program: The Neuroscience PhD Program is an interdisciplinary graduate program comprised of graduate students and faculty from 13 departments across four schools at Tulane University, including the Schools of Science and Engineering, Medicine, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and Liberal Arts.


Tulane Neuroscience Program Seminar series


Tulane - Graduate Studies in Cell and Molecular Biology: The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology offers students the opportunity to earn PhD or MS degrees in a stimulating, dynamic research environment.


Tulane - Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Aging Studies: Our faculty and students have embarked on a voyage of discovery of the biological and psychosocial mechanisms underlying aging and their interconnections.


Tulane - Bioinnovation PhD Program: Tulane’s Bioinnovation Program fosters the design and development of innovative biomedical technologies and products through a balanced educational approach that combines strong foundations in science and engineering and direct collaboration with healthcare professionals and business and regulatory partners.


Tulane - Masters Program in Pharmacology: A one year post-baccalaureate program leading to the MS degree in Pharmacology designed for those interested in improving their credentials to gain admission to a medical or dental school


Tulane - Department of Pharmacology Newsletter Archive


Developmental Chronnecto-Genomics, a project funded by the National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)




LABRIGGER : Labrigger is a source for open solutions for research. Their goal is to accelerate and enable research by reducing the duplication of effort by multiple labs, and offering alternatives to expensive lab equipment.


Golshani Lab


Shih Lab


Ed Boyden Lab


David Kleinfeld Lab


Spencer L. Smith Lab


Portera-Cailliau Laboratory


Fernández-López Lab - Grupo de Neurobiología Universidad de León


Deisseroth Lab


Addgene - Optogenetics




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