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06/01/2018 – The lab, in collaboration with Dr. Fadok’s lab in the Department of Psychiatry at Tulane, receives the 2018 Tulane Brain Institute’s Marko Spark Innovation Research Fund Award

04/16/2018 – Kaeli defended her Honor’s Thesis. Congratulations!!!

03/16/2018 – Bailin’s, Heather’s, Emma’s, and Drew’s paper on density and dynamics of dendritic spines across the estrous cycle is published in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience!

11/02/2017 – Raz’s, Kathy’s, and Rebecca’s paper on the different degrees of inhibition found in layer 5 pyramidal neurons is published in Scientific Reports!

09/08/2017 – The lab, in collaboration with Drs. Izadpanah (Tulane) and Chandrasekar (University of Missouri), receives a grant from the Elsa U. Pardee Foundation

04/19/2017 – Kathy defended her Honor’s Thesis!!

09/01/2017 – The lab receives an Administrative Supplement from the NIA to study synaptic deficits in a new mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease

09/15/2016 – The lab receives the first R01 from the National Institute on Aging!! The first of many!!

04/06/2016 – Kaeli is awarded a Newcomb College Institute grant to fund her study on volumetric and morphometric changes of dendritic spines. Congrats!

04/01/2016 – April Fools’ Day comes with a Board of Regents grant award! Raz didn’t believe me for a while.

03/23/2016 – Rebecca presented her data at LSU-HSC Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy Seminar Series: Age-dependent Difference in Dendritic Spine Dynamics within the Primary Somatosensory Cortical Barrel Field Following Sensory Manipulation. She did a great job!

03/18/2016 – Marissa received a Newcomb College Institute grant to fund her project on the optogenetic stimulation of interneurons. Congrats!

03/18/2016 – Rebecca and Raz presented their data at the Tulane Neuroscience D.U.N.K. Meeting.

03/09/2016 – Michael is accepted in the Tulane Neuroscience PhD Program. Congratulations!

03/08/2016 – Rebecca is awarded full travel and accommodations for upcoming NIH-Brain Initiative Computational Neuroscience 2016 Summer Course "Models and Neurobiology" at University of Missouri-Columbia. Way to go!!

03/02/2016 – Ricardo is selected as the recipient of the 2016 Oliver Fund Scholar Award from the Tulane University Office of Research honoring outstanding research in Brain Science.

02/27/2016 – Rebecca got the Jean Yocum Harlan Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation, 3rd Place for Oral Presentation at the Tulane Annual Neuroscience Program Retreat. Good job!

02/18/2016 – Dr. Ed Boyden visited the Department of Pharmacology and the lab, and gave the 44th Annual Schueler Distinguished Lecture in Pharmacology.

01/22/2016 – Rebecca is awarded a Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Neuronal Circuits Travel Award for upcoming CSHL Neuronal Circuits 2016. Awesome!

01/15/2016 – Rebecca attended the 4D Microscopy of Brain Circuits Workshop, UC Berkeley and presented her workshop project: Two-Photon Holographic Optogenetics via Spatial Light Modulation & Ca2+ Imaging for Exploration of Plasticity in the Mouse Primary Somatosensory Cortex.

12/08/2015 – Rebecca is awarded the Outstanding Young Scientist Travel Award, Association for Women in Science-Southern Louisiana (AWIS-SL) Chapter. Fantastic news!

12/05/2015 – Organized by Ms. Korinna Sanchez from Puentes New Orleans -a non-profit organization serving the Latino population in Greater New Orleans- and with the valuable help of Drs. Lindsey and Katakam, the lab hosted a visit to the Tulane SOM for high school students attending an after school college preparedness program (National Council of La Raza Escalera STEM program) to promote an appreciation for higher education careers in this underserved community. This program promotes economic mobility for Latino youth by increasing educational attainment, career planning, and access to information about advanced careers

11/19/2015 – The lab hosted the visit of Dr. Jennifer Bizon from University of Florida. She gave the seminar: Excitatory-inhibitory imbalance and age-related decline of prefrontal-cortical dependent cognition, sponsored by the Tulane Center for Aging.

11/16/2015 Emma presented the first poster of the lab at SfN in Chicago!

11/12/2015 – Annie received a Newcomb College Institute grant to fund her CLARITY studies. Congrats!

10/15/2015 – Drew passed his Qualifying Exam. Congratulations!

10/07/2015 – Bailin is accepted as a DeBakey Scholars Candidate.

09/29/2015 – Rebecca passed her Qualifying Exam. Congratulations!

09/28/2015Peyman Golshani visited our lab as part of a trip to give a seminar in the Tulane Neuroscience Program and to be present at Rebecca’s Qualifying exam as a member of her dissertation Committee.

06/01/2015 – The Lab is featured on the June issue of the Tulane Magazine - Brain Signals: The mysteries of the brain lead Tulane researchers down paths of discovery, by Mary Ann Travis.

05/15/2015 – Heather receives TWO awards!!: She was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and she was awarded The Class of 1903 Shakespeare Prize for Best Shakespearean Essay by a Woman.

05/07/2015 – The lab gets a new Pilot COBRE on Aging and Regenerative Medicine award.

04/13/2015 – Rebecca receives the Award for Research in Aging Sponsored by the Tulane Center for Aging at the Health Sciences Research Days Poster Competition.

04/01/2015 – The lab, in collaboration with Dr. Quincy Brown’s lab, gets a TI2EHM pilot project for the design and construction of a portable optogenetic stimulator.

03/13/2015 – The lab hosted the visit of Dr. John Morrison from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (currently at UC Davis). He gave the seminar Synaptic Health: Implications for Cognitive Aging, co-sponsored by Tulane Neuroscience Program and Tulane Center for Aging

03/06/2015Dr. David Kleinfeld from UCSD gave the Schueler Distinguished Lecture in the Department of Pharmacology at Tulane University: The nature of vascular topology and blood flow in the brain.

02/16/2015 – Heather is accepted at LSU New Orleans Medical School. She is on fire!!

02/01/2015 – Rebecca gets the second prize at the 12th Annual Advance Imaging Methods Workshop at UC Berkeley, CA.

01/16/2015 – Rebecca gets the first prize at the 2015 SEUF Conference, Florida State University/National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, FL.

01/06/2015 – Tulane University School of Medicine features Ricardo in the Rising Stars in Research section of its website.

11/24/2014 – Heather is accepted at LSU Shreveport Medical School. Great job!!

10/17/2014 – The lab receives a group of students from ESCALERA, an after school program for college preparedness (NCLR’s Escalera STEM program) that Ms. Korinna Sanchez from Puentes New Orleans organizes.

10/01/2014 – Bailin is accepted at Tulane School of Medicine. Congrats!!

09/11/2014 – The lab is awarded a Pfund (Pilot funding for new research) from the Louisiana Board of Regents and The National Science Foundation.

05/06/2014 – The lab gets a Pilot COBRE on Aging and Regenerative Medicine award.



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